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Types of Goods lesson 3
Robert Kotaki
16 Views · 5 months ago

In this video we look at:
- Normal and Inferior goods
-Giffen and Necessity goods
- Goods of ostentation

Types of Goods lesson 2
Robert Kotaki
21 Views · 5 months ago

In this Video we look at the following types of goods:
- Economic goods and Free Goods
- Merit and Demerit Goods
-Private and Public Goods

The  Types of GOODS - Lesson 1
Robert Kotaki
17 Views · 5 months ago

In this video we look at:
- Tangible and Intangible Goods
- Durable and Perishable Goods
- Capital and Consumer Goods
- Intermediate and Final Goods

Rotation of the Production Possibility Frontier
Robert Kotaki
21 Views · 5 months ago

In this Video We look at the rotation of the PPF Curve

Production Possibility Frontier and Causes of its shifts
Robert Kotaki
13 Views · 5 months ago

In this video:
- We explain more on the ppf curve
- we construct the ppf curve
- we explain the causes of the shift of the ppf curve

What is a Production Possibility Frontier?
Robert Kotaki
20 Views · 5 months ago

In this video we:
- Define the production possibility frontier
- Construct the Production Frontier

The 3 fundamental Economic problems: Scarcity, Choice and Opportunity Cost
Robert Kotaki
15 Views · 5 months ago

⁣In this Video we look at;
- Meaning of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost
- Relationship between Scarcity, choice and Opportunity Cost

Human wants and Needs
Robert Kotaki
35 Views · 5 months ago

In this video we:
- Distinguish between a want and a need
- List the characteristics of human wants

leverage analysis part 5: combined leverage
Robert Kotaki
23 Views · 6 months ago

combined leverage

leverage analysis part 4: financial leverage calculation
Robert Kotaki
17 Views · 6 months ago

How to calculate financial leverage

leverage analysis part 3: financial leverage calculation
Robert Kotaki
10 Views · 6 months ago

financial leverage calculation

leverage analysis part 2: financial leverage
Robert Kotaki
15 Views · 6 months ago

introduction about financial leverage

leverage analysis video 1
Robert Kotaki
16 Views · 6 months ago

leverage Analysis part 1

micro and macro economics
Robert Kotaki
18 Views · 7 months ago

In this video we look at the different branches of economics.

what does economics really mean
Robert Kotaki
18 Views · 7 months ago

In this video, we explore the real meaning of economics

What is economics
Robert Kotaki
13 Views · 7 months ago

in this video we define economics

Production, land
15 Views · 8 months ago

Here, we discuss land as factor of production.
Its payment and the different tyeps of rent and the factors which influence rent.

Production,  factors of Production
12 Views · 8 months ago

Here, i introduce factors of production and i go ahead to explain in details land as a factor of production, its reward and uses including features.
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Advantages and disadvantages of specialization and division of labour.
29 Views · 8 months ago

i explain the advantages and disadvantages of division of labor. please do the work and submit it to my whatsapp number.

Economics, Types of production and specialization and division of labour
13 Views · 8 months ago

here, we talk about types of production of which we say that there are three types;
- primary production
- secondary production
and tertiary production.
from we move on and talk abou specialization and division of labor introduction.
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